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About Us :

Silicate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in January 2017 offering high quality solutions and services in e-Governance, E-business and Business process management services, High End Multimedia, Web-Based Application Development, Digital e-Learning and Customized Desktop products and solutions. Values that drive Silicate Technologies Pvt. Ltd., at the core, is Trust, Commitment, and Personal Relation. It achieves this by proper communication, transparency and collaboration. The philosophy of Silicate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is to make Technology Meet Emotion. This is well represented by its punch line ‘Silicate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Complete IT Solutions)’.

Our approach is Solution Centric and strategy starts with intangible problems and ends with tangible profits results. We use technology and sophisticated analysis to improve client profitability. We help firms rethink what businesses they ought to be in and where. We are pioneers in the Customized Software Solutions, Digital e-Learning and documentary presentations for government and major business segments in India. We are also into an integrated Internet company that has been delivering content, community and commerce to consumers and businesses worldwide.

With a presence in India with right attitude, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients across the world. From Multimedia solutions to Business specific solutions harness the power of Silicate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to empower your enterprise, to Business process management, that helps you focus on your core business, we deliver reliable and cost-effective services that create value for you.

Our competence and experience ensures that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers. We employ only experienced professionals with a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills.

User Interface
Great user experience is critical to a success of any project whether it's a web-site or a business software. Our UI team will create professionally looking, mobile friendly, responsive design for you.

We are proud of our high quality standards. These standards allow us to provide our customers with reliable and error-free software applications, regardless of their complexity.